Is Eyelash Glue Safe?

The perfect lash extensions can really make your eyes pop, but at what cost? Eyelash glue has been around for so long that it has become the status quo, when in reality it is harmful to your health. Just think about it for a second...does putting glue on your eyelids sound safe!?!? 

Extensive research has found a wide array of side effects from the use of eyelash glue. This includes everything from swelling and redness to infections and even cancer. We’re here to educate you on these side effects (both short term and long term) so you can make an informed decision before you pick up your next tube of eyelash glue.

  • LOSS OF LASHES: It’s very common to pull off your natural lashes while removing false lashes. However what many people don’t know is the use of eyelash glue itself can cause hair loss. A condition not commonly known by lash users is called traction alopecia. The tension that false lashes and glue puts on your natural lashes can cause them to fall out. The repercussion can be anything from slowed regrowth to permanent loss of natural eyelashes
  • INFLAMMATION: Eyelash glue can cause a variety of inflammatory conditions, including keratoconjunctivitis (inflammation of the cornea and the inner membrane that protects the eyelids) and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids that causes redness, itchiness, and formation of scales)
  • ALLERGIC REACTIONS INCLUDING REDNESS AND IRRITATION: Eyelash glue contains some of the most toxic ingredients found in the beauty industry. It’s no wonder swelling of the skin, irritation, and redness are extremely common side effects. Some of these toxic chemicals found in eyelash glue include lead, ammonia, parabens, formaldehyde, and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfanate. 
  • EYE INFECTION: A study conducted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology found that 97.5 percent of 117 female subjects experienced dryness, itchiness, tearing, and purulent discharge. This is a common sign of infection after the use of lash glue. Additionally dirt and bacteria trapped in eyelash glue can also cause infections.
  • CANCER: It’s hard for most false eyelash users to even fathom, but mounting studies have found that chemicals in eyelash glue have been known to cause cancer. Continuous exposure to the toxic chemicals in eyelash glue can cause kidney, lung, and brain cancer. Research has also found that lead poisoning can be fatal to children and cause miscarriages. 

Consult from most doctors recommends to discontinue the use of lash extensions in order to stay away from harmful eyelash glue. Luckily thanks to a new game changer in the beauty industry, Magnetic Lashes, you don’t have to! The magnetic eyelash and magnetic eyeliner method is a safe, quick, and easy approach to apply lash extensions. Magnetic lashes are also more budget friendly than traditional lash extensions. It’s no wonder magnetic lashes have been trending in the beauty industry! LuLu's Magnetic Lash Kits