What is LuLu's Magnetic Lash System?

LuLu's Magnetic Lash System is the latest technology in the beauty industry. It is a Magnetic Lash Application Method using magnetic eyeliner and lashes. No glue needed! Simply apply any of our signature lash eyeliners, let dry, and apply the magnetic lashes on top. Within minutes you are ready to conquer your day with full, fabulous lashes!

See for yourself how easy it is!


Apply two generous layers of LuLu's Magnetic Eyeliner and it let dry for 3-5 minutes.


Starting at the inner corner of your eye, place the false lashes on top of the eyeliner.


Within minutes you have the perfect lashes that are reusable up to 25 times!

Additional Tips:


  • To better blend your natural and false lashes, use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes prior to application.
  • You can also apply mascara to your natural lashes if desired.
  • ALWAYS be sure to let eyeliner dry prior to applying lashes!


  • When reusing lashes ensure the brush applicator and lashes are clean of any old residue for best results.